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Kind Words

We are so grateful to be able to work with so many absolutely amazing couples and their families. Our personalized wedding planning experience allows us to develop a deeper relationship with each of our couples. Keep reading to see what they have to say about us! 

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Alex Popov Photography

Olivia & Dylan - August 15, 2020

"Not only am I a student in a graduate program, I'm a pandemic bride, who’s had to face a lot of challenges with school, family members and changing of locations, but one person who turned this wedding from maybe not happening to the best adventure of my life was Ally.


Ally was with us from the get go and the best decision we made was to have her as part of our wedding team. Ally helped plan our first wedding before the pandemic but also was so adaptable and changed to help us elope and escape to the mountains. Ally even climbed a mountain and hopped in freezing cold water with us just to help us get the perfect shots. Coming down the mountain, Ally stayed with me as I was in my dress to help me down and if that’s not support then I don't know what is.

I have never met someone so organized, knowledgeable and caring about weddings. She made sure we asked all the right questions with vendors and was so willing to talk to everyone included in our wedding. Having Ally made the wedding planning so much less stressful, especially on the day of the wedding. If you’re a busy bride, not a wedding person, or just want to make sure you have everything to have the best day possible, then you should definitely hire or at least talk with Ally to find out how amazing she is."

Michele & Alex - December 31, 2019

"I had the absolute best experience working with Ally to help plan my wedding!


I hired her about a year away from my wedding date for the Custom Wedding Design package, and from the day I hired her up until my wedding day she was so helpful and always responded in a timely manner to all of my questions.


She was very thorough with everything she did and I felt like I was her number one priority. My wedding day was perfect and I know that is in large part due to Ally, I cannot recommend her enough. Not only did I enjoy working with her, but I also got compliments from my other vendors and members of my wedding party/family about how amazing she was!"

New Years Eve Wedding London Ontario Wedding Planner

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London Ontario Wedding Planner Event Planner

Kyra Lyn Photography

Jessica & Brad - September 7, 2019

"We can’t thank Ally enough for everything she did for us, not only on our wedding day but also the months prior to make our wedding dream come true. Our wedding was perfect, exactly what we had envisioned and a huge part of that success was because of Ally.

Not only did we have a phenomenal day and night but our guests can’t stop raving about it. On the day of and days after guests continue to tell us that it was the best organized and planned wedding they’ve been to.

We are so grateful that we got to work with Ally. Our wedding day really was the best day of our lives. We got to thoroughly enjoy every moment as Ally somehow managed to organize our 230 guests without issue."

Cheryl & Chris - August 17, 2019

"I don't even know where to begin. Ally was absolutely amazing. When I first started planning my wedding, I didn't think I needed any help but as the day came closer I decided it would probably make my day better and did it ever! Ally could see my vision I had and made sure it all came together. Ally's answer was always "yes of course" whenever I asked her for anything, seriously anything.


I also thought I was organized until I met her. Her to do list's made me feel extremely organized and ready for the day. I would say most guests at weddings don't ever really notice the wedding planner but I had a number of guests comment how amazing Ally was as she seriously was not only helping me and my wedding party but all my guests as well.


My day was perfect and I have Ally to thank for that. I suggest everyone to hire Ally for their wedding! She was not only an amazing wedding planner to me but became a great friend. Ally thank you for everything."

Sunset Wedding Photography London Ontario Canada Wedding Planner

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London Ontario Wedding Sydenham Ridge Es

Kelsey & Calvin - July 13, 2019

"Hiring Ally was the best decision I made while planning my wedding. She was there for me every step of the way, ensured that I did everything I needed before the wedding and made my wedding day run perfectly. Ally is calm, professional and so kind. She became more of a friend to me on my wedding day than a coordinator.


Anytime I needed anything at all, her answer was "absolutely, I can do that". When I couldn't sleep the night before my wedding, I took so much comfort in knowing that Ally would be there all day for me the next day because honestly if she is there, you have nothing at all to worry about.


I truly had the most amazing wedding and this is hugely thanks to Ally's endless support, help and organization. I will miss working with her so much! Thanks for being the best wedding planner ever, Ally!"

Heartwood Images

Louise & Robert- June 30, 2019

"We can confidently say that out of all the wedding decisions we made, choosing Ally to be our wedding planner was by far the best choice we made! I was initially opposed to hiring a wedding planner as I thought we could do everything ourselves (despite living in Australia and planning a wedding in London, Canada!). Having Ally made it 10x better and easier.

We contacted Ally around February 2019 for our June 2019 wedding. I had already chosen the venue and caterer, and sent out the invitations; but I quickly realized there were some aspects we were likely missing! She developed monthly to-do lists which she was great at following up on. There were multiple little things she identified that I hadn't even considered. Because I couldn't phone and visit the various wedding companies, Ally did the leg work for me. She went to my venue multiple times for the simplest things. She also recommended local hair/makeup artists, photo booths and DJs. 

We only met Ally in person 3 days before the wedding. She made everyone feel comfortable and made it clear that she had set aside time over the next couple days to do whatever needed to be done. 

We had our photo booth company, DJ, and photographer all tell us that Ally was one of the best wedding planners they had worked with. It was the simple things she did that made her stand out, such as reorganizing our family photo list so they flowed well and in a timely manner, or helping our MC create our 'Wedding Shoe Game' questions.

To summarize why it was totally worth it to book Ally as our wedding planner in London, ON:

*Ease of communication (even across the world!)
*Her attention to detail (including decor and little things I was likely to forget)
*Her rapport with our guests and all of the wedding staff

She made me feel like if anything went wrong, I had someone who could handle everything behind the scenes as my guests remained oblivious."

Civic Gardens Complex Wedding London

Diamond Studios Photography

Civic Gardens Complex London

Diamond Studios Photography


Heather Lynch Photography

Katie and Alex - August 10, 2019

"I couldn't thank Ally enough, and our family and friends echoed the same sentiment... After I spoke with her on the phone, we contacted her within the hour confirming that we absolutely wanted to have her aboard.

With a wedding on private property, there were many moving pieces - that with Ally and Ash, all moved in sync. Ally is so well suited for what she does, she is perfectly organized and incredibly friendly and professional, she knows how to gracefully keep any hiccups under wrap and is always graceful and calm as she thinks on her feet. She becomes a new friend and so easily fits in with friends and family, and she is full of nice touches. Ally and her assistant Ash ensured we had the best day, and we truly did. We spent our day stress free and were able to be fully present with each other and our family and friends; and there is nothing more important.

Our family will have other weddings coming down the line, and we know that Ally will be the first call made."

Christine & Susana - August 31, 2019

"We hired Ally to be our Wedding Coordinator (Wedding Management), but when I found out my pregnancy was at risk of preterm birth, we asked if she could take on more work with not much time before the wedding.


She stepped up and took on a Full Coordinator role, and made sure everything was set up so we could have as worry-free a wedding as possible, given the circumstances!


She is incredibly detail-oriented, and just an overall kind and warm person. We thought we might have to cancel our wedding, but thanks to Ally, we were able to have a perfect day."


HRM Photography

Wedding Planner Flowers Blue London Ontario
Stacey & Scott - June 16, 2018

"Scott and I are so thankful we had the opportunity to work with Ally at Perfectly Designed Events. She went above and beyond to help us plan our absolute dream wedding! Ally demonstrates professionalism and clearly shows how passionate she is towards wedding planning.


We went with her hourly consultation service, using 25 hours, to discuss budget, plan the wedding details, organize our planning process, and finalize the wedding day! Having someone so knowledgeable about weddings helped us stay on track throughout the planning and assisted in ensuring everything was in place for our special day.


Ally made our day stress free with her immaculate organizational wedding planning. We would highly recommend Perfectly Designed Events!"

Holly Dalton Photography

Heather & Jim - June 16, 2018

"Hiring Ally to do our coordination was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! She is so lovely to work with, very professional, and has an excellent cooperative rapport with other wedding vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Trust me: you get ONE wedding day, and it goes by FAST. You do not want to spend it being bothered by vendors' questions, having to deal with stressful hiccups that arise, and keep track of all the (literally hundreds) of details that need to be addressed as your wedding day unfolds. You don't want your family or wedding party to have to deal with that either - you want them to be present in the moment and enjoy every minute of the day with you. It's not supposed to be stressful!


I handed over the reins to Ally with complete confidence, knowing everything would be taken care of so expertly. My husband and I got to enjoy the day, our wedding party and family didn't have to lift a finger, and we sailed through the day completely stress-free. Brides: you CANNOT put a price on that!!! 


If you're shopping around for wedding planners, do not hesitate to hire Ally. I'm familiar with a lot of wedding planners in town, and I truly believe she is the best. Thank you Ally!"


Dawn Boyce Photography


Dawn Boyce Photography

Wedding Planner Veil Bride Groom London Ontario

Red Rubber Studio

Wedding Planner Bride London Ontario Dog Puppy

Erica and Michael - August 12, 2017

“We hired Ally to be the day of coordinator for our wedding and she was so much more than that! From our first meeting with Ally, I knew that I could trust her to execute my vision for our wedding day. She asked all the important questions and really took the time to get to know us. I instantly knew that hiring Ally would be the best decision we made, and looking back, I was right! At our next meeting with Ally, she helped us to really hone in on the most important details of our day and created a tremendously helpful to-do list and schedule of the wedding day.


Ally did a fabulous job coordinating our rehearsal and finalizing all the important details. She also visited early the morning of the wedding to check in with me. From there, she went to the venue where she facilitated the set-up of the venue and coordinated all of our vendors. Ally was there throughout the day and went above and beyond to ensure that the whole day went smoothly. I felt confident that any issue – big or small – would be handled appropriately by her. Our emcees and vendors all commented on the fantastic job that she did. She made everyone’s day so much more relaxing and enjoyable! We are truly grateful that we had Ally to coordinate our wedding day!”

Red Rubber Studio

Kailey - July 13, 2019
Maid Of Honour

"I was the Maid Of Honour in a wedding that Ally was working a few weekends ago and I had the best experience working with her. She is very professional, organized and has the most friendly demeanor with everyone.


Ally came the day before the wedding and provided the bridal party with the most detailed itinerary for the wedding day, which was super helpful. Despite rain and how busy the actual day was, she kept us on schedule (even a bit early) the entire day. The day before the wedding, Ally was helping finalize all of the details of the ceremony and reception and always made the effort to ensure that the bride was happy with each decision being made by the groom or their family members.


There was some stress on the wedding day in regards to the weather and Ally kept everyone calm and had back-up plans in place in case it rained. She was prepared for anything and everything and handled every situation amazingly. It was such a great help having her around and she made the wedding day that much more stress-free and enjoyable. I know the bride and groom had the most amazing wedding day and Ally was a big part in making that happen!"

Lodon Ontario Wedding Planner Sydenham Ridge Estates

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Tied Photo & Film

Jillian - August 17, 2019
Maid Of Honour

"I was the Maid of Honour in a wedding this past weekend and I really can’t imagine getting through the day without Ally.

Ally eliminated any stress for the whole wedding party, especially the bride and groom. Anything you needed or even things you didn't think of Ally was on top of them. We were all able to relax and enjoy the day.

Ally came with us to the venue the day before the wedding to help set up. She then led us through the rehearsal and went over the schedule for the wedding day. She even printed out pocket schedules for everyone.

The Bride and I also met with Ally months before the wedding to go over everything. It was shocking to realize all the small details we had not even considered. She then put together a “to do” list for us to work on over the next few months.

On top of being an incredible wedding planner/organizer she is also such an amazing person. You literally can’t help but love her and want to be her friend. Thank you Ally you were wonderful to work with."

Corene - August 12, 2017
Mother Of The Bride

“My daughter was married earlier this year, and like any mom, I wanted to make sure that the day was perfect and that I would be able to truly enjoy the day without distractions. I was very concerned that, in my regular role of ‘family event organizer’, I would be so busy making sure that the day ran smoothly that I wouldn’t be able to relax.


Hiring Ally was one of the best decisions that we made. She was incredibly approachable, organized and thorough. I trusted her decisions and she was able to foresee difficulties and make the necessary adjustments. One daughter married, two to go! And calling Ally will be one of the first calls we make!"

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